A quick Thank You from Day 2.

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8 Responses to A quick Thank You from Day 2.

  1. Beatrix B says:

    Hi Mr Hobby this is Bea from Tamarisk Class.

    The creche is looking awesome! I really like how the people sing in Africa it’s incredible.
    The mums are doing a great job building they are super strong. I have a couple of questions to ask.
    Who chose the colour of the paint that your using?
    How did you get to the creche?
    How long did it take to get to Africa?

    John Wesley miss you hope your having a great time.
    By the way I loved your video

  2. Ava CK says:

    Hey Mr Hobby

    This is Annyas sister . The creche is looking awesome so far.your doing a grate job. Can I ask you a couple of questions?
    How did you get there?
    who chose the color ?
    Why did the mums build it?
    How long did it take you to go to Africa!
    You where very brave in your video .
    PS me and Annya watched your video on on the 1 of NOV


  3. Jake S says:

    Hi my name is Jake i’m from Tamarisk ,thank you for sending a video. You did a awesome job on the creche it looks cool! It looks really colourful I can’t wait for some more videos. You are the best ever.

  4. Pritamshiri P says:

    I hope that the African people will have a large house to live in,hopefully strong enough too.:D

    Question Time!!!
    By the way how hot is it in Africa?
    What colour(s) are you going to paint the houses? oh and if you’ve finished the painting please could you take a photo 🙂
    How many mosquitoes bite you?
    How much food do they have?
    Is building harder than teaching?
    Many hearts make a life better 😀 ~Pritamshiri

  5. Zuzanna B says:

    Dear Mr Hobby,
    HI!!!! are there lots of mosquitoes there? And do you have to wear a mosquitoes net, when you sleep?
    now I appreciate my toys!!

    by the way it is Zuzanna in Tamerisk in year 4
    miss you lots bye! 🙂

  6. Jensen M says:

    Hi MR hobby
    Hello from Jensen I’m from Tamarisk class.
    I’m Tegans brother.
    What colour are you painting the walls at the school and why did you choose that colour ?
    and how many children do you have there?

  7. Ava J says:

    Dear Mr Hobby I am Ava , What colour are you painting the creche?

  8. Joseph P says:

    Hello Mr Hobby the nursery looks amazing ! Haw long did it take ? what is the roof made out of ?

    thank you for the video Joseph

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