A quick Thank You from Day 2.

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  1. Larch 6lp says:

    good job purple aid love the look of the building of the building and I hope the children enjoy it

  2. Larch 6lp says:

    That was cool!!!!! hope you have a nice time Mr hobby from William

  3. Zach says:

    Hi MR Hobby I hope you are having a great time it looks really cool cant wait to see you

  4. Henry W says:

    That was epic Mr Hobby !!!!! Have a great time out there Mr Hobby from Henry

  5. Larch 6lp says:

    Hi it looks like you are doing a great job. Hope the children are happy to see you helping them!!!!!!!

  6. Yejide R says:

    Hi Mr Hobby,
    It looks cool and amazing. I hope you are having a great time in Africa.
    From Yejide.

  7. Larch 6lp says:

    You’re doing a great job Mr hobby I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been doing. I hope it goes well. see you soon from Riley w

  8. Gracie S says:

    HI it is Gracie mimamigo how are you to day?!
    I am so happy for you!!!

  9. Daniel I says:

    hi mr Hobby
    it is Daniel from jacaranda how are you I’m just wondering how is the wether in south Africa and do you have any year4 children and do they have an xbox ? Do they have to wear school uniform ? Do they have any games or toys ? Do they have fifa 18 demo or the actual game ? Are you having a good time at south Africa? Are you okay?

    By Daniel

  10. Gemma W says:

    Hi Mr Hobby, It is Gemma from Jacaranda Class.
    I was pondering about how you are doing in South Africa. It must be so tepid! Three quick questions: Are the foods the same as they are here in England? How old are children(they look so sweet)? and lastly Do the children wear school uniform? I am missing you a lot. Can you please say hello to the children from me? From Gemma

  11. Reggie G says:

    Hi Mr Hobby Reggie from J
    What is the weather like there.
    Do the children have a x box one so the can play fifa .
    How old are the children.

  12. Finton E says:

    Hi Mr Hobby
    is it realy hot and how Is the weather.Do the children have x box 360.
    Do thay have music thay like.How old are the children there.
    Do thay have foot balls.

  13. Joel K says:

    Hello Mr Hobby this is Joel from Jacaranda. Looks you are having great fun there. What are the children age?
    I guess you are worn out with the building. Are the children ok? I hope so. Is it boiling out there? Anyways are you having fun? Do you like Africa I love Africa too! I hope you have a safe journey home I will miss you Mr Hobby bye.

  14. Connor W says:

    Hi Mr Hobby Connor from Jacaranda here how are you doing with the building so far? Have you met any year 4 children that we could have as pen pals to write to? I’ve seen some photos of you working and I have to admit you doing amazing and I’m just wondering if they have some music that they like that we might know. Do they have any different foods in there country also my step dad has the same job as you but he does it for another company.
    I hope you have a safe journey home from Connor

  15. Jessica M says:

    Hi Mr Hobby it’s Jess here from Jacaranda can I as you a few questions? How are the children? What’s the weather like in Africa? Hope you have a safe journey home see you when your back from Jess.

  16. 13jb19 says:

    Hello Mr Hobby,
    Hope you are having a good time with the children in South Africa!
    Are the children learning from you Mr Hobby, i’ts great to be helping poor people to learn and build houses like you are i’ts amazing I’ve seen the photo.
    what food do they have,do they have food now that you may have from England.

  17. Kian S says:

    Hi Mr Hobby I am Kian from Jacaranda class I Just wish you a great time in south Africa! Quick question: are the foods anything like the food back here in England? You are so brave but still you must be having a great time! how hot is it there in South Africa? I hope the children are having a great time I can’t wait to see you!

  18. Lilly-May C says:

    Hi Mr Hobby its Lilly-May from year 4 jacaranda class, I’m hoping if your ok in south Africa. How do the children feel about you building them a new school/Nursery? When are you coming back because I miss your worships. Bye bye for now

  19. Caitlin C says:

    Hi Mr Hobby
    it is Caitlin from jacaranda we are really missing you. What music do thay like do thay like little/mix. It is very cold. How old are the chilend.We really miss you.

    by caitlin

  20. Taiyla-Dene R says:

    Dear Mr Hobby,
    Hi I’m Taiyla-Dene and I’m from Jacaranda class.I’m wondering what it’s like in South Africa so I’m going asking you a few questions about the children as well!
    What are the ages of the children?
    How hot is it in Africa?
    What does the food taste like?
    Have you met the children’s parents?
    Yours sincerely
    Taiyla-Dene xoxo

  21. Dylan To says:

    Dear Mr Hobby Dylan here.
    Do the children in south Africa speak English? Do you like the food out there or is it a bit you know disgusting? Do they have access to a play station out there like one for every house or like you have one of them and put it in the school only if they have a couple. Do they have any supermarkets out there because you should of also made one of them for people to go to get food. Have you made any friends like people that aren’t in the crew to build the school place. What is it called again because I forgot? In the pictures where are you well I can see you in the first one but not the last couple because there quite dark. BYE.

  22. Lilly F says:

    Hello Mr Hobby its Lilly F from Jacaranda I am wondering several things like do you have any music in South Africa?
    how many children are happy?
    I hope you have a safe journey home?

  23. Cullum J says:

    to mr Hobby Hello it’s Cullum what are the children like? Do they have x boxes? wiss you a saff jonney home by

  24. Chloe S says:

    Hi Mr Hobby, I am Chloe from jacaranda class. I was just wondering how you are doing in South Africa and we all hope for the best. I would like to know a few questions. First of all, what foods do you like and what is your favourite food?
    and another quick question, how hot is it and if it is hot I hope you are handling the heat. Lastly, I hope you will have a safe journey back from South Africa. I will miss you lots. Good bye!

  25. Lily-Rose S says:

    Hi Mr Hobby It’s Lily-Rose from Jacaranda.
    Do you think the crèche is going good over there in Africa, is it being built good?
    Are you having great fun? Have you made any friends in Africa and have they made friends with you.
    How long do you think it will take to finish?
    Is the food good?
    Have you learn’t some African language?

  26. Robert Coles says:

    Hello Mr Hobby it’s Robert from jacaranda how are you there in South Africa. Have you made new friend.
    We wished you here in John Wesley.
    Have a save time home.
    By Robert

  27. Theresa Z says:

    Hello Mr Hobby
    It’s Theresa from Jacaranda. Looks like your time in South Africa has been great . And here are a few questions. How old are the children? Are they ok? Is it boiling? Are you ok? Is it fun? Do you like South Africa? I love Africa?
    Anyway I have to go bye
    Lots of love Theresa

  28. Ashton P says:

    Hi Mr Hobby its me Ashton from Jacaranda just wondering how is it in south Africa? I really do hope that your having a good time. What are the children like there? Are the children happy that your building a school for them? I’m wondering what food do they eat there is it like our food. Or is it completely different to our food. Are they healthy like us?

    have a nice time

  29. Shelby L says:

    hi Mr hobby
    it is Shelby year 4 jacaranda class . I hope your ok and having a great time . how are the children ? do they have different food in south Africa ? is there any year 4 children who would want a pen pal because I would be Delighted? is the nursery finished or close? lots of hope on the nursery shelbyXxx

  30. William J says:

    Hi Mr Hobby, I am William from jacaranda class just checking
    Is the food different ? And is any year 4 looking for a pen pal because I would love one.
    What is the wether like ? have you made any freinds ? what is the time in south Africa ? The school is amsing .
    Wish all luck William

  31. Alfie B says:

    Hi Mr Hobby,
    My name is Alfie and I’m in Jacaranda class and I’ve seen all your photos you’ve uploaded.
    What is it like in South Africa?
    How are the children who you are working with? Is it night or day when you are reading it?
    What are the ages of the children?
    Have you finished building the school yet? Are you having a lovely time?

  32. Saffron S says:

    hi Mr hobby
    My name is Saffron and I’m in Jacaranda and we are asking a question.
    how was your day and how hot was it.
    did you have a wondefull time?
    when did you go?

  33. Taylor C says:

    Hi Mr Hobby are the children nice? Do the children get clean clothes? Wot do the food tast like?

  34. Bobby-Joe G says:

    Hi Mr Hobby, we miss you how is your stay we wish you was hear but your not so we have been doing good
    we want you back but we stil cant see you becos you are at soath athirca

  35. Elyssa H says:

    do you have builders helping you build the building? are the kids allowed to watch while you build?

  36. Pebbles R says:

    Keep up the good work

  37. Jayden-Lee F says:

    It looks amazing already. WOW!!!

  38. Jack D says:

    How much have you spent so far? By the way it was 7000 Rands that you needed! I have forgotten how many pupils it can hold. It looks like its getting on swiftly and I hope the children are experiencing things that we experience every day. Do you know all the name of the children, if you do well done *claps

  39. Parker T says:

    Wow! The project is coming along very well! I am looking forward to Day 3!
    Good luck on Your Journey Mr Hobby!
    Juniper Year 6

  40. Holly J says:

    Your getting there! I bet Nala misses you!

  41. Jared P says:

    Are you enjoying your stay?

  42. Evie H says:

    Wow! Purple Aid has done really well! Keep up the good work!
    From Evie

  43. Saffron M says:

    Hi Mr hobby how the weather ? what is it like knowing at you are doing a amazing thing of those children. I hope you have the best of time so bye

  44. Sian P says:

    Hello again just a quick question were are you staying because it looks like your outside some villa or something in the video to tell us what you’ve done that day best wishes for you Sian .

  45. Maximilian C says:

    thank you for the blogs! still amazed by how much African $ you are blowing us away!

  46. Preston R says:


  47. miss jenkins says:

    Mr H,

    We all miss you at the John Wesley school but we know your work is invaluable and from what I can see you are bringing such joy to all the children . Its very humbling to see that the children are thriving and enjoying the things we all take for granted at John Wesley.
    Take care and keep up the fantastic work we are all proud of you!

  48. Zane H says:

    Hi Mr Hobby the women are realy good singers.
    What colour are you painting the crib and why?

    Keep up the good work
    post from Zane halliwell

  49. Isabella C says:

    Hello Mr Hobby! have you met any friends? I hope your having a great time 😀

    from Isabella in year 4 Tamirisk

  50. Towdah I says:

    Hello Mr Hobby this is Towdah.
    Thank you for the feed back that you have gave us about the building.

    What tool do you use to paint the building?
    Do you like the people that you are working with?
    Is the building going well?

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