Day 1 on the project.

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  1. Larch 6lp says:

    Dear Mr Hobby

    I hope you’re enjoying yourself in Africa and enjoying building?
    But also enjoy your Safari and help loads of Children with the Youth/School

    By Maddison Year 6
    GOOD LUCK MR HOBBY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jessica says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww is it warm there
    jess juniper

  3. Jayden-Lee F says:

    Hope your having a mental time !!!!

  4. Jack D says:

    We watched this video as a class and it was awesome seeing they’re faces made me so happy about what this school can do.

  5. Jared P says:

    How is this impacting their lives?

  6. Hayley K says:

    You are doing so good on the school

  7. Archie T says:

    The building is amazing! 🙂

  8. Holly J says:

    The blogs are great! The community are so welcoming! I bet you are really happy with the progress so far!

  9. Elyssa H says:

    Well Done Mr Hobby 😉 you are doing so many good things to help everyone and the world :0

  10. Connar C says:

    yo mr Hobby hope your having fun and those children are grateful that you are there ;]

  11. Mac D says:

    hi Mr Hobby hope you still doing good feels like you been away for a year wait have you? did i get you hope i did lol 🙂

  12. Ellis M says:

    Mr Hobby you are doing GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Aston M says:

    Its me Aston and I would just like to say that your doing a great job.


  14. Henry S says:

    I’m so happy I have been able to participate in this

  15. Pritamshiri P says:

    Were the songs where the people were singing English singing?

    P.S Mr.Hobby I loved the video,and thank you for including us to help. I just hope\pray that the children and adults will finally have enough money,and have a nice,safe life 🙂 I’m very JUBILANT!!!! that you helped the people through their tough life 🙂
    Many thanks Pritamshiri

  16. Isabella C says:

    Hello Mr Hobby! Thank you for uploding the videos I have two questions how old ore the children? and what colour are you going to paint it?

    from Isabella in year 4 tamarisk class

  17. Mia C says:

    Hi Mr.Hobby Its Mia from year 4 Tamarisk Class, I’m very jubilant that the people in Africa have a safe place in there country 😀

    P.S What Colour are you gonna paint it and why?

  18. Towdah I says:

    Hello MR Hobby this is Towdah how is the building going?
    What do the children like to do?
    What do the children like to do to eat?
    What colour are you going to paint the creche?
    Why are you going to paint the building in the colour you are going to?
    Did you ask the children what colour they wanted you to paint it?
    Is the building hard work?
    Well done for all the hard work you have done.

  19. Olivia P says:

    Dear Mr Hobby,
    Hello it is Olivia from Tamarisk class thank you for sending us videos and photos. which colour are you going to paint the building? Why did you chose that colour? Are you enjoying it there? How much painting have you done so far? Is it hot where you are at the moment? We miss you so much our school is not complete without you. I really hope you read my messages and please reply soon bye see you next time

  20. Victoria A says:

    Hello Mr Hobby, we really enjoyed your video about the little children and Daycare. Now we know how to be grateful for the things we have and other people. How hot it in Africa? and what paint are you using and why are you choosing this color? we really like seeing other people smile and be happy for education. How long is it taking to build?how much work do you do in South Africa for the creche?

  21. Joseph P says:

    Mr hobby thank you for the video. How many people go to school each day? What do they do at school? why did you pant in the tow colours ?

    Tamarisk miss you Joseph

  22. Luca B says:

    Hello Mr Hobby
    This is Luca in year 4 Tamarisk.
    How long do you think the painting will be?
    What are the children like and and behave?
    How much painting did you do on the creche?
    Is it hard work?
    Do you have special aprons to put on when you paint?
    Did you ask the children what colour they wanted for the creche?
    What did you paint the creche with?

    Good job for how much work you have done already! I hope you are having fun building and painting. All i’m saying is well done.

  23. Ava J says:

    Hi Mr Hobby I am Ava , wasn’t the office people SUCH GOOD SINGERS ! Well you do deserve a bar of choclotte good luck
    bye for now.

    P.S I hope the painting goes well .

  24. Karis D says:

    Dear Mr.hobby
    I am Karis from Tamarisk class year
    what colour did you paint the building ?
    Is it hot ?
    When are you coming back ?
    have you made any friends?

  25. Emma S says:

    Dear Mr Hobby,I really enjoyed your video.
    How hot is it?
    What part of Africa are you in?
    How long did it take you?

  26. John D says:

    Dear Mr Hobby
    The colour on the Nursery is looking amazing .Why did you choose the paint?did you get to see the children.did you get covered in lots of paint?What colour was the creche. i am grateful that you built it.

    By John

  27. Kayleigh-Rae L says:

    Hello Mr Hobby
    Well done on the work its quite impressive for that amount of time you’ve saved many children’s lives. How did you feel when the people started singing?were the children excited for the builds? I hope everyone gives you a bigggggggggggggg hug.Can you bring back something from Africa to remember the time of Purple aid and all the children please.

  28. Reuben L says:

    Hi its Reuben.
    have you succeded ?
    how is it ?

  29. Amelia A says:

    Dear Mr Hobby
    Well done for the creche you are doing really good.Are the kids enjoying it?I really like the colour . When are you coming back?The people there are really good at singing.I like the mums because they helped build the buildings .Do the children all like you?and do you have fun when you watch the people sing?It looks like a kind area hope it is.Raising the money was great fun .Are you proud of the builders?Have a great time good bye

  30. Lexi P says:

    Hello Mr Hobby , Im lexi from tamirisk I really enjoyed your video and all the others did to .The building looks great .Is it hot in south Africa?You have really showed me how to appreciateand love and respect my friends ,toys ,things that are at johnwesley and especially my FAMILY.BYE

  31. Harry W says:

    Hi my name is Harry, the nursery is looking awesome ! I have a few questions to as, how many other people came with you? What is the name of the creche and is there any reason why? I can’t wait until your next post

  32. 13em31 says:

    Hi Mr Hobby it’s Ella. How is the decorating going? Which colour are you painting it and why? What kind of brick is the school made of?I enjoyed watching the vidoes.

  33. Euan F says:

    Hello Mr Hobby this is Euan .
    How much painting have you done?
    What tool are you painting with?
    What colour are you painting the project and why?
    What do the children like to do?

  34. Kenzie-Lee J says:

    Hello Mr Hobby are you having a great time? Do the children like there new nursery ?see you soon

  35. Ruby B says:

    Dear Mr Hobby
    how long until it is finished?
    I hope you are having a fabulous time I can not wait to see you see you soon bye

  36. Oliver J says:

    Hello Mr Hobby this is Oliver from Tamarisk i,m amazed of the creche that you and your crew have built, But what is the colour of the creche ? .How much toy’s are in the creche? When are you coming back to the John Wesley School ? how much people are there ?

  37. Dani H says:

    Dear Mr Hobby
    What colour are you painting it and why are you painting that colour ? Do you know when it is going to be finished ?
    Do you have special painting clothes ? How long do you think it is going to take to paint ? Have you made any friends if you have how many have you made ? Do you know when you are coming back ?

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