First weekend update

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9 Responses to First weekend update

  1. Evie says:

    Wow!! Looks fun there!!
    Glad you got there safely.

    • Mr Hobby says:

      Thank Evie. It has been lots of fun but also very eye opening and upsetting at times too. It is difficult to see people living in such difficult conditions.

  2. Lewis M says:


    have fUN

  3. Mac D says:

    well done Mr Hobby think your doing really well good luck.

  4. Evie H says:

    That food actually looks really nice!!
    My mum would be surprised but I would try the food lol!
    From Evie

    • Mr Hobby says:

      Blimey Evie. The food is lovely…mostly…accept for the porridge the babyits eat in the morning. That’s not so great, but it is very cheap for them to produce. The locals do not necessarily eat as well as we have been eating to be honest. I think wold vision may have funded our ingredients this week.

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