I have got my Cash!!!!!

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  1. Larch 6lp says:

    you will have 404 English moneys and 7000 rand

  2. Padraigh E says:

    Hi Mr Hobby, I’ve got a question, do you miss your dog?

  3. Lily-Clare S says:

    Hi Mr Hobby,
    Looks like Nala wants to come too! Have a great time doing your fund raising for Purple Aid. Have an AWESOME time in Africa. I Hope things will go well, and you don’t have any bad weather. Enjoy finishing the building! Keep up the good work.

    From Lily-Clare

  4. Larch 6lp says:

    Hope you have a great time in South Africa! 🙂
    Nala seems desperate to go with you, hope she/he behaves herself when you are gone. 😀

    You will need £404 for 7000 South African RANDS.

    From Krijn

  5. Larch 6lp says:

    Hope you’re having a great time with the people who are with you and can you make a funny assembly when you come back because I am sure it will make the school really happy. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!.


  6. Larch 6lp says:

    Good luck hope you’re having fun. Please tell me what animals you see. Hope you have fun building. GOOD LUCK!!!!
    from JaydenG

  7. Issy P says:

    Hi Mr Hobby
    Hope you are having a great time and having lots of fun!!!
    I can work out the English money which would be £404 and I think the South African money is 7000 rand.
    That’s a lot of money.

  8. Larch 6lp says:

    You will need £404 of English money for 7000 African RANDS. Have a great time and I hope Nala behaves her self! 🙂

    From Jasper

  9. Katie B says:

    Hi Mr Hobby
    I hope you are having a great time out in South Africa!!!!
    I think the amount of money in South Africa is around 7000 rand and English money about £404.

  10. Isla F says:

    Hi Mr Hobby,
    Hope you are having a good time out in South Africa and having loads of fun!!!
    Having worked out your mini maths problem in English money double would be £404 pounds in English money in South African money it would be 7000 rand. I love the way you had no idea what you are eating. Have loads of fun,


  11. Larch 6lp says:

    Hi Mr Hobby, It’s Carl how is the building going up in Africa. I have the answer to your question ,you will have 7000 rand. Have a good time 🙂

  12. Mia P says:

    Hi Mr Hobby,
    I hope you are having a great time and that new money looks so cool. If you have £202 in English and 3500 in rams then you will get 7000 rams when you double it. I hope to see you soon.

  13. Scarlet H says:

    Hi Mr Hobby,
    I hope things are going well and it looks amazing.
    Hope the weather is great and isn’t bad for when the building is going on. Have a great time with the fund raising and remember that you are supported by everyone at John Wesley. We hope that all the children and the adults in the project who are going to go to the school enjoy it as much as we did fundraising it and I hope you are having an awesome time in Africa. Scarlet.

  14. Larch 6lp says:

    Hi Mr hobby its Charlie I’ve got the answer for your money £404 and 7000 rand. I hope you do well on your mission for those grateful children. It looks like your doing well. Have fun 🙂

  15. Archie T says:

    Hope your having the time of your life in Africa lying in the hot sun PS your dog is so cute.

  16. Hayley K says:

    Hope you have a good time at south africa

  17. Maximilian C says:

    English money looks like so much more in Africa! You ARE rich!

  18. Pebbles R says:

    hello Mr Hobby. Hope you have a great time. I bet you miss us !!!!

    Bye 😀

    from Pebbles

  19. Henry S says:

    Hi Mr Hobby we miss you

  20. Jessica says:

    poor nala missing daddy I bet

  21. Lexie C says:

    We are all so proud of you for doing it your so brave and we are incredibly proud to have you as part of our school I’m sure all the children are grateful for you and many others for building them a after school club your saving peoples lives.

  22. Evie H says:

    Hi Mr Hobby,
    I’m glad you got there in a safe journey. I suppose I’ll be seeing you back here with a tan. I send you good luck for the after school club
    I hope your having an amazing trip and hope to see you soon!

    From Evie 🙂

  23. Mac D says:

    well done Mr Hobby hope you are enjoy your life being rich and looking forward to what you do next bye the way love your dog Im now jealous now:)

  24. Jared P says:

    How much money have you spent so far? Also, is the answer 7000 rands and 404 pounds? for 1 rand how much English money is that worth?

  25. Jasper B says:

    you are rich

  26. Ellis M says:

    Hello Mr Hobby have a great time I hope it all goes to plan! When I am older I want to be like you. Your dog is so cute.
    HAVE FUN!!! 🙂


  27. Connar C says:

    naughty Nala its not yours but all Nala wants to is come whith you over and out ;]

  28. Aston M says:

    Hi Mr Hobby its me Aston I hope your having a great time in Africa baving in the sun when you can. keep up the good work as your doing a great job.


    From the one the only, your favourite Aston

  29. Mek says:

    Hi Mr Hobby
    its Mekhi your dog is so cute and feel weed when your not around I hope you get back safe

    BY Mekhi
    By Mekhi

  30. Ava T says:

    Hello Mr Hobby,
    I hope you are having a great time in South Africa. With all that money you got , you are officially rich. Im sure you miss me don’t you ? Can’t wait until you get back and tell us all about your adventure! Plus why does your dog have your pass port? See you soon. Ta Ta for now.

    From Ava.

  31. Millie T says:

    hi Mr hobby are you ok there is it good there. I miss you.

  32. Steven H says:

    Hello Mr Hobby
    I hope you are having a great time in South Africa! We all miss you ALOT…Sadly the computers wont run this video but we watched it on the board 😀

  33. Jasper B says:

    are you having fun

  34. Owen W says:

    well now your now as muddy as me on the muddy mile

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