I have got my Cash!!!!!

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  1. Larch 6lp says:

    HI! It’s Josh Are you alright i’ve found the answer to your question its £404 and 7000 rand have a good time and get sweaty. 🙂 SEE YOU SOON!

  2. Lewis M says:

    AWESOME hope you enjoy

  3. Jack D says:

    That looked so cool does Africa have it measured in degrees or not, if so how hot is it?

    • Mr Hobby says:

      Hi Jack. It has been around 30 degrees Celsius here most days but sometimes hotter in the middle of the day. So it is not easy weather to work in. I hope you are all having a great first week back.

  4. Connar C says:

    hope you are having fun from your friend squeak-connar 🙂

  5. Owen W says:

    HEY u must be rich maybe if u convert all your money youll be a African millionair

  6. Jared P says:

    How much Money have you spent? (In rands)

    • Mr Hobby says:

      I haven’t spent any yet Jared as most of our food is already paid for but our current accommodation is around £20 per night, so can you work that out for a night in rand and then for 7 nights?

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